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Sales start now

Sales start now !

Gift ideas

4 original gift ideas for her

The most wonderful time of the year is at our doors once again. The decorations are flying left and right and we’re all singing along to our favourite Christmas song…

Happy holidays

Happy holidays !

The ideal wardrobe

The ideal wardrobe: how to compose it

At the changing of the seasons our wardrobes cry out for renewal. A lovely excuse for some online shopping if you’d ask me! The ideal wardrobe, is it a myth or does it actually exist? It most certainly does and it contains some great items that survive every season. We’ve compiled a list for you with 5 wardrobe essentials you can buy from the comfort of your house. Let’s go!

Impressions FashionShow 14 october

If you missed the fashionshow during our fashiondays this weekend, then we are happy to give you some impressions of all the outfits presented. A big thanks to our models Rachel, Amy, Melanie and Charmayne, great job ladies!

Save the date | Fashion days

It’s that time of the season again, from Thursday 12th until Sunday 15th October we have fashion days at Room For Style. The perfect moment if you are still looking for your favorite items as during these days you enjoy a 10% discount on all collections!

Fall - Winter 2017 Fotoshoot

RoomForStyle organizes its own fashionshoots several times per season. In that way we can show you how we style our brands and how we create unique combinations with the matching accessories. Get inspired and when you drop by at the store, please know that I will be happy to assist you to find your perfect outfit. Of course we have much more in store than the fashion items shown below. Give us feedback at the bottom of this page.

Interview with Frédérique van Heesch

• Frédérique, You’ve been interested in fashion from an early age. Tell me all about it.

True, when I was 11 years old, I knew all the It bags and I could distinguish real Louis Vuitton bags from fake ones. My mother designed shoes and taught me a lot. My grandmother traveled to Paris a long time ago and photgraphed the latest fashion to reproduce items at home in Brabant, because my grandfather also designed shoes.

Viva Velvet and Suede

Summer isn’t quite over yet, but Fall is around the corner and every new season has new trends. This Fall’s trends? Undoubtebly velvet and suede: oh so very 90’s and 70’s inspired. Last year we saw velvet and suede appear during the Fashion Weeks and now it’s an absolute must have in your wardrobe. From tops to dresses and boots: velvet and suede is everywhere.


Room For Style has busy days ahead, the new fallwinter collections will be arriving at the store from the beginning of August onwards. But first.... some holidays to enjoy the Spanish sun, a good book, a glass of cool wine and long summerevenings. I will enjoy it to the fullest and I wish you an amazing holiday as well!