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The ideal wardrobe

The ideal wardrobe: how to compose it

At the changing of the seasons our wardrobes cry out for renewal. A lovely excuse for some online shopping if you’d ask me! The ideal wardrobe, is it a myth or does it actually exist? It most certainly does and it contains some great items that survive every season. We’ve compiled a list for you with 5 wardrobe essentials you can buy from the comfort of your house. Let’s go!

#1 We love comfy pants
An ideal wardrobe starts with the bare basics. The wardrobe classic is undoubtedly a great pair of jeans. A comfy pair that combines easily, it doesn’t have to be that complicated, right? A pair of jeans you could wear to any occasion is a must have essential! You could shop for a trendy and elegantly finished Gustav: Danish designer jeans. Or would you rather go with a Jijil skinny jeans? Variation is bliss however, so you could go with a classic high waistline Relish. Which is your favourite?

#2 Elegant in lace
A lace top can take you far and Rosemunde certainly got that message. This brand revolves around femininity and that luxury feeling. Let’s not forget about their bestselling silk tops as well! Plenty of choice as they offer many designs so shopping here guarantees that feminine feeling the coming season!

#3 Sweater weather
Autumn is here, that means cozy and fluffy sweaters. An absolute must have for those wintery months to come. Nothing beats a lovely warm sweater on a cold morning! How about an all-white Relish sweater? Easy to combine with a skirt and you’ve got yourself a classy outfit! Or you could go for the all-black Rosemunde sweater, the color black won’t let you down! If you want an early taste of those holiday-feelings, why not go with a Jijil bronze sweater? A true eyecatcher and an absolute must have for any wardrobe!

#4 What a shoe can do
A woman can never have enough shoes, that’s a fact. One must have is a perfect pair of pumps made by Spanish designer Sarah Verdél. And when it gets colder, comfy boots will come in handy. Studded boots – decorated with diamond stones – have been very trendy for the past few years. We love the black Bibi Lou and Relish ankle boots!

#5 Let the jewels do the talking
Last but not least: if you’re after a lovely statement jewel, look no further. Jewels can make any outfit, whether you go simple or wear an eyecatcher. With the Laurence Delvallez earrings you can add that finishing touch to any outfit! Combine with a lovely Sence bracelet and you’re ready to go!

Have you got your favorite item already? Be sure to let us know!

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